Fields of expertise
  Planning,conducting and advising of research projects
  (on-farm and/or on experimental station)
  including interpretation of experimental results,
  preparing and implementing recommendations for extension services
  Development, evaluation and follow-up of projects in general
  Participatory rural appraisal (PRA)
  Watershed management
  Training of technicians
  Technology transfer, knowledge transfer
  Extension services and coordination
  Organic fertilisers, bio farming
  Anti-erosion soil practices (walled terrace, broad bed and furrow, hedges)
  Mulch production and application, organic weed control
  Water management (irrigation, drainage, animal watering)
  Milk & cheese production / Agropastoral management
  Production of medicinal plant juice & derivates
  Beekeeping and honey production
  Landscape planning
Fields of expertise
Personal data
Professional experience